Helping Our Communities to Stay Safe During COVID-19; MediFast At-home Blood Collection and Flu Shot Benefits

Posted On April 13, 2021

Nowadays, getting regular health checkups has become very important. But, going to a lab to take the tests demands a lot of your time and effort. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic lends a new urgency to protect ourselves and stay immunized. Flu shots always play a vital role, but now it is even more critical to protect the Canadian population, especially vulnerable groups, from flu while COVID-19 is still a threat.

Flu takes an enormous toll on Canada’s healthcare system, so it’s essential to get a flu shot.  Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic is already creating strain on the healthcare system, and it might not be possible for Canadian hospitals to handle both flu and COVID-19 patients.

So, what’s the solution?

The government is advising not to visit hospitals for regular health checkups during the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in the closure of out-patient departments at hospitals and private clinics. As a result, virtual consultation and at-home blood tests for ailments such as diabetes, besides home visits by doctors, rose sharply during the lockdown.

At MediFast, we received a sudden demand for at-home sample collection and flu shots. Our dedicated nurses and robust health care system have long passed, making sense to visit a doctor in-person, clinic, or hospital for every health issue. For MediFast, nothing is more important than our employees’ and customers’ health. With our dedicated healthcare workers and strict safety protocols in place, we can deliver 100% safe and affordable at-home services.

Take a look at how MediFast helps communities stay safe by providing at-home sample collection and flu shots.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In addition to face cover and mask, our employees use complete PPE whenever they are around customers. All our PPE kits are of the best quality and clinically tested. This reduces the chance of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Appointment support

We offer several digital tools to support virtual appointments. Our digital requisition upload tool and virtual consultations will help you make appointments with ease.

Facial mask

We strongly advise all our customers and employees to answer a setlist of screening questions and wear a facial mask before starting the service.


Right from the order placing to report collection, we try to make everything paperless until it is very much required. We use highly ubiquitous machines and software to provide your customers with a safe and hassle-free at-home service.

We can say that the COVID-19 pandemic drove a massive surge in virtual consultation as patients avoided in-person care in favor of remote consultations. MediFast aims to bring medical care closer to home and increase patients’ convenience while keeping their safety in mind. Our medical professional’s team is well-trained and equipped to provide at-home healthcare services in the most hassle-free way.