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At MediFast, we understand that every person is unique and needs personalized care to thrive and enjoy the most comfortable lifestyle. As Canada’s most trusted and professional caregiver experts, our team is highly skilled and compassionate and knows how to create a tailored plan that perfectly aligns with your needs.

As a well-known caregiver, we have worked in several healthcare domains like Hospitals, Long-term care facilities, retirement homes, NGOs, and In-home personal care. Below are some of our flagship services:

In-home specimen collection

There is no need to step out of your home to give test samples as a MediFast technician will visit the client’s home,
collect the sample, and transfer it to a licensed laboratory for testing.

  • All you need is to provide basic information like your First and Last name, contact number, preferred location or address, date of birth, etc.
  • Once we receive the essential details, our health care expert will contact you.
  • Once we receive an order, our certified MediFast experts will make an appointment for in-home blood, urine, or ECG collection.

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Personal Care Services

We know that most of us do not get enough time to take care of our loved ones in this fast-paced world. At MediFast, we will work with you and your loved ones to develop a tailored home care plan and coordinate it with home requirements with hospital discharge planners, residence staff, and other staff involved in the service. To facilitate transparency, we will keep you updated with the physician, seniors residence home, or long-term care facility involved in the personal care service. Services to support continued care at home include:

House keeping

Grocery/Prescription Pickup

Personal Support

24/7 Services nursing

Dementia Support

Palliative Care

Meal Preparation

We care for your loved one

We value and care for your loved ones as much as you do. Our caregiver will arrive early to help your loved one start their day with primary personal care. Right from assisting them to get out of bed, personal grooming, and dressing, our caregiver will do everything for you with ultimate care and love. Need help making and feeding breakfast? No need to worry; you can leave that to us without any second thought.

After morning care and breakfast, our caregiver will organize physical and mental stimulation programs. Let us know what your loved ones like or what hobbies they would like to pursue, like puzzles, crosswords, painting, gardening, chair yoga, or playing games like chess, and more.

Again, our caregiver will make and serve a nutritious and healthy lunch in the afternoon. Before he/she leaves for the evening, our caregiver can even prepare dinner, feed them and take them to the bed to ensure a good night’s sleep. We can also offer overnight care whenever needed.

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In-home Flu Immunization

Prevention is always better than cure, especially in the times of COVID-19 pandemic. MediFast organizes Flu Immunization In-home service, with nursing staff, vaccine, supplies, consent forms, medicines, online registration, and a dedicated MediFast coordinator. You can visit our online platform to get all details related to their appointment and our plans.

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