COVID Testing and Screening Services

MediFast offers RT-PCR

In addition to our extensive selection of sample collection services, MediFast offers RT-PCR testing services for clients at competitive rates. Our sample collection process happens only by Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurses. We follow strict safety protocols & hygienic collection methods for a safe and clean sample collection process and delivery of the swabs to a licensed Ontario lab.

COVID testing for Travelers

As COVID-19 continues on, many Countries/airlines ask for proof of a negative COVID PCR test within a specific time window. In the majority of the cases, test samples must be collected and negative test results showed within 72 hours of departure or arrival. We work closely with a licensed Ontario lab to deliver the test results within 24-36 hours to help you travel with confidence.

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Workplace COVID testing

With the decrease in COVID-19 cases, a number of employees are returning to the office, and students have started attending regular classes. We collaborated with Ontario lab to provide nurses for conducting COVID-19 tests at workplaces. Since July 2020, we have served:

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