MediFast Incorporation was first founded in Toronto in 1991 and later in Vancouver, carrying out the mobile paramedical service for the life insurance in Canada. Since the service was highly appreciated for its devotion to quality service, MediFast brought the mobile paramedical concept to South East Asia. In 1995, Hong Kong was its first choice in setting up a branch office.

In early 1998, MediFast was invited by a leading insurer to Singapore to provide their clients with modile paramedical services. Since these new services were so well received, MediFast then expanded their operations to Malaysia in May 2000. Our business will also see opportunity to expand to other parts of Asia in the near future. Today, with offices in many countries and our international network of medical professionals, we offer a full range of mobile paramedical, in clinic, and healthcare services in most places around the world.
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